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I, Eliza Hamilton

Sample Discussion Guide Questions

  1. What did you know about Alexander Hamilton as a founding father before you read this book, and how has your perception changed?

  2. Eliza was very much a woman of her time in her devotion to her family and her husband. What do you think were her greatest strengths? Her weaknesses?

  3. Eliza was the second of the three older Schuyler sisters. Do you believe being in the middle between her brilliant older sister Angelica and her beautiful younger sister Peggy influenced her? How?

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The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr

Sample Discussion Guide Questions

  1. Through much of her life, Mary is viewed as “different” from the society in which she is living. What are the various ways that make her an outsider?

  2. Today Aaron Burr is best known as the man who shot Alexander Hamilton in their duel. Because of this, he is usually portrayed as a villain. Did this book change your opinion of him? How?

  3. Mary was encouraged to learn to read and write because it made her more valuable to her mistress. How did literacy affect her life?

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