About My Mailing List

Greetings! My new historical novel, The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr, is now available everywhere books are sold and, over the last few months, I have been adding dozens of posts to my blog that contain background information to the story and characters. You'll also find posts there about fashion history as well as the historical sites, museums, and collections that have inspired me. 

Some readers have asked if there's a way to have blog posts delivered directly by email. As an experiment, I'm sending out a once-a-month digest with highlights from my most recent posts on the last Sunday of each month. I know many readers also miss the "Breakfast Links" that I complied for The Two Nerdy History Girls blog - a round-up of links to my favorite web sites, articles, and blog posts via my Twitter feed. So in addition to my own blog posts, I also toss in a handful of the choicest new Twitter links. 

I hope you’ll take a quick look at my first Historical Highlights Newsletter that was sent to my subscribers at the end of July. If you like what you see inside, please sign up so that you’ll automatically get the next edition.